Man and Dog In Paradise

For a long, wild, exhausting road was a man with a dog.
It was he himself was tired, dog tired, too. Suddenly before him - an oasis!
Beautiful Gate, the fence - music, flowers, babbling brook
word, recreation.
* What is it? - Asked the traveler from the gatekeeper.
* It's paradise, you are dead, and now you can enter and relax
* And is there water?
* How much you want: pure fountains, cool pool ...
* A meal will?
* All that you want.
* But with my dog.
* I'm sorry, sir, the dogs can not. It will have to leave here. And the traveler walked past .. After some time the road led him farm. At the gate, too, sat gatekeeper.
* I want to drink, - asked the traveler.
* Come in, the yard is well.
* And my dog?
* Near the well see trough.
* And to eat?
* I can treat you to dinner.
* A dog?
* There exists a bone.
* And what is this place?
* It's paradise.
* How so? Porter at the palace nearby told me that paradise there.
* He's lying. There hell.
* How are you, in heaven, this is tolerated?
* This is very useful to us. To reach Paradise only those who have not cast friends.


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