Avast – Anti virus

There are many antivirus software available in the market. But we have to install the right kind of software to protect our data. The much awaited avast 6.0 version is available for the public. This version needs to be installed from the scratch and updating from the previous version will not work out. There are many changes and improvements made this new version. The suspicious programs will optionally run Auto sandbox. The script shielding and site blocking is available in the free AV. There is a safe zone in the software – which is a virtualized area for sensitive transaction.

It has restore factory settings and automatic actions in boot time scan.There is a sidebar gadget available in the AV. And this version is more stable and compatible when compared to the previous version. There is an improved installation of the Firefox . The sandbox and behavior shield are improved for more stability. The script shield is now protected with IE8/IE9 Protected Mode in functional mode. This product is not given to the public before its official testing process. There are improvements in the side bar gadget in the newer version. This version is found to be extremely useful to the customers and will gain more popularity.


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