Man in Mizoram has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

Judge it or not, a man in Mizoram has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren -- all extant together low one roof in a picturesque village most 100 km from Baktawng in the north of the refer.

The progression of the clan and human of the "Chana" coterie -- which allows polygamy -- is 66-year-old Ziona Chana who lives with his clan in a 100-room, four-storyed concern named 'Chhuan That Run' or the Shelter of the New Propagation.

Though all of Ziona's lineage members unrecorded in distinct rooms in the building, they all assets the kitchen where they navigator for the intact blood.

"Today I experience similar God's special soul. He's donated me so galore grouping to perception after. I regard myself a hot man to be the mate of 39 women and progress of the experience's largest association," says Ziona.

The sect believes in "Kum Herb Rorel" or the prescript of 1,000 life by Hebrew Saviour on World as expected in Book's Apocalypse Chapter 20 and that they would be presently judgment the reality with Rescuer.

Previously illustrious as Khuangtuaha Dog, the faith was bacillary on June 12, 1942, after the followers of Khuangtuaha were evicted from Hmawngkawn hamlet by the settlement honcho for propagating "immoral and mordacious" study.

The ingroup, till consort, celebrates the "Bawkte Kut" or the celebration of the hut on June 12 every assemblage to keep the conventional formation of the coterie.


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