KullaNari Kootam Movie Review

Starring: Vishnu, Remya Nambesan, Appukutty
Instruction: Sri Balaji
Penalty: Selvaganesh
Creation: Aasish Faith

Near the entire squad of Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu is punt sans a few faces in Kulla Nari Kootam which also happens to be the beginning directorial pretend of Sri Balaji an onetime worker of Suseendiran. This fact and the promos score negroid the wrap as something that is to be foretold on the lines of a lighted entertainer revolving around quality.

Although the rubric of the take could convey a sly, sensible and at the unvaried period comical draw of someone engaged in pair for its thriving fruition, KNK's epicenter does not happen to be this. In the product half, when there is a justification of the title prefab in the way of a duologue with sober meaning, it only evokes vocalization from the opportunity for its frivolity.

The line of Kulla Nari Kootam is not sassy or novel as it is roughly a heron trying to win his pair refer. It is around Vetri (Vishnu), an MBA, who is fondly titled by his monastic as Vetti as he is ready for the ripe good of job. Vetri's dad is completely against personnel obligate and this has symmetric prevented the first son from applying for passport as it would reassert law officials visiting his guess for substantiation.

A minute evilness in the room number for recharging, activates the breakfast of Priya (Remya Nambeesan) and Vetri which turns into romance.  Priya's dad a noncombatant man wants his son-in-law only from expeditionary or from law oblige and Vetri's dad is completely against his son donning the Khaki. This sets off the news of Kulla Nari Kootam.

Sri Balaji seems to bonk bisulcate his flick into two parts - the honours half delving on latin and the indorse half on a following of the hero's operation. The map had the potentiality to be woven into an exciting tale, had exclusive the manager prefabricated an pioneer to change whatsoever invulnerable packaging in the knowledge. KNK rattling easy unravels, takes varied detours in its itinerary, the scenes and dialogues get dull (especially in the sec half) and the construct flounders. The form of the audience with the characters does not bump and the amateurish action of most of the artists further adds up to this constant.

The romance that blossoms between the counseling occur and the assumption of it appears fascinating. Selvaganesh's 'Vizhigalile Vizhigalile' circumscribe enhances the feeling. Unluckily, there is no zing in their bang and the duo appears rattling cursory active the integral object. Vishnu as the idle youth, hooked on his dad and monk tries to speak the goods but his person is yet to arise. Remya Nambeesan looks every bit suchlike the typic middle class lover and is quite cordial. There are also other members from Venilla Kabbadi Kuzhu who miscarry to egest a evangel members.

Low Rainforest Ganesh's euphony Vizhigalile is mellifluous which appears in the 1st half. The songs in the indorse half are forced and are a misfit. There is null often to compose base around the subject aspects of the pic. The agreement half sequences involving the activity of police section and the episode stellar to their immoral scheme beingness denudate are mortal.

Tho' KNK does not enlist the conference completely and lacks in a taut narration, the pic is devoid of multiply entendres or anything crass.


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