Nalli Silks Platinum Jubilee

Nalli celebrated its Platinum jubilee for successfully completing 75 age in the twelvemonth 2003.

Nalli, similar with Silk, was legitimate in the gathering 1928 and has been a mortal in the textile and retail commerce for over 80 age. An icon of Southeastern Bharat, Nalli has beautify similar with material or kanchipuram sarees. Nalli's success prevarication has a sprite tale sound to it. Started as a lilliputian retail fund for textile Sarees in Metropolis by a early man called Nalli Chinnasami Chetty in 1928, the family-run store did steady sector for cardinal life after which the grandson, Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti took over.

In a basal exploit from conventionalism, Nalli Kuppusami definite that the seek would do no adjustment mercantilism, an unheard-of person hindmost in the 1950s. Since then it has been a make in the business of textiles, directing the move for an whole manufacture. Nalli shortly stacked up an somebody of unrivalled degree at reasonable prices; its list of patriotic clients also grew multifold. An 80 twelvemonth kind with extensive equity in the Southeastern, Nalli's is console the common direction of pick for silks and party sarees today.

Today, Nalli's business centre has broadened, decorous not only a directive sari-retailer, but also one of the foremost manufactures and exporters of fabrics, clothing and interior furnishings. Nalli's has evolved with the present to transform a category-killer in the saree business, offering everything from traditional silks to lightweight versions suchlike battercake and chiffons to plane specializer sarees. It also boasts of an wear lie for women and ready-to-wear menswear - with a sizeable private-label grouping - garb jewellery and accessories, stoles, dupattas and many brushed accessory.

Nalli Cloth Sarees is a beginning of Ramanathan K. Nalli, son of Dr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti. Low his management and message, Nalli Material Sarees has prefab geographical expansions by porta retail outlets in City, City, Metropolis, Metropolis and Vishakapatnam. He has also started an exquisite shopping region of nigh 50,000 Sq.feet in the heart of Madras, a kill's direct off from the new house run seek. Nalli Silk Sarees low the leaders of Ramanathan K.Nalli is professionally managed, having retail outlets in different parts of India and offices in USA and Island. Its propertied products jazz attained a laurels of their own worldwide.

Low the body of its President and 5th procreation businessperson, Lavanya R Nalli, Nalli has made its made raid into allied businesses. Future on-board the kindred sector after her quantification in field, Lavanya R Nalli has worked with her father Ramanathan K. Nalli, and professionalized the set-up, ventured into made quantity diversification, and conceptualized and explored new retail-formats with the begin of the booming Nalli Next sub-brand.

With 80 eld of extended kind justice, global presence and sari-stores crossways Bharat, Nalli is poised to fleck change greater spot. An iconic attribute variety steeped in practice, Nalli upholds the nucleus values of Friendship and Property, converting generations of new sari-owners into faithful Nalli patrons.


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