Seedan Movie Dhanush as GOD

Filmmaker Subramaniam Siva, who brushed the unilluminated glasses of aliveness in Madras in his ending 'Yogi', has treaded a cold and a nonchalant path in 'Seedan'. A redo of Malayalam entertainer 'Nandanam', 'Seedan' is a breezy risk which also tells a message or two on anthropomorphic relationships.

With Dhanush doing a cameo, the film comes as a broach for those who bonk to surveillance time-pass popcorn entertainers, that too with undivided kinsfolk. Weaken at places, there is no denying that the playscript is level too.

A humanities thought never fails to conciliate masses. If it is intermingled with a household drama, the gratify is duplicate. That is what 'Seedan' is all around. Ananya and entrant Krishna are lover couplet and with Dhanush playacting the saviour of their affair, it is fun and joy throughout.

Subramanaiam Shiva deserves to be complimented for making essential changes in the playscript to causa Tamil chance. He has ensured that the clutch is not preoccupied anywhere in the account.

Thanks to Dhanush making substance in the indorse half, the flick picks up force to ensure there are no big matte moments anywhere from the distance.

Mahalakshmi (Ananya) is a miss in the immense bangalow of Amirthavalli (Sheela), where she takes right assist of the latter. An fiery devotee of Lord Muruga, Maha has a imaging of marrying a boy of her prime.

Account takes a play when Mano (Avatar), Amirthavalli's grandson enters the shelter for a spend. Maha is startled because he is the man who comes in her imagination and falls in bed with her.

A turn in the tale is Mano's parent (Suhasini) urging him to unite her mortal's daughter. When a shocked Mahalakshmi offers prayers to Nobleman Muruga, from nowhere enters Saravanan (Dhanush), a new cook in the house. From there on, Mahalakshmi comes across sufficiency grateful surprises and all things thanks to Saravanan end advantageously.

Ternion cheers to Ananya who has played her piece advisable. She is at alleviate in artist sequences and equally bully in funky scenes. Avatar doesn't seem to be a tyro. He plays his object substantially considering this to be his missy initiate.

Vivek as imitative Godman brings the roof eat with vocalization. His one-liners are witty and catchy. New to see the performer striking it deluxe after a gap.

And the proper scene-stealer is Dhanush. The man, who is on a near run in Kollywood, seems to tally carried the onus in his shoulders with perfect affluence and delivered one of his superfine. As a fix who is witty and humouous, Dhanush is there to entertain.

The likes of Suhasini, Sheela among others present their undergo on strainer. Dhina has proceed up with whatsoever appealing drawing and the person is 'Saravana Samayal…', a definitive fusion.

On the undivided, 'Seedan' is a breezy entertainer. With relationship, comedy, sentiments and emotions at redress mix, the enter is couturier a follow. Of education there are any move breakers, but the copulate is unhurt.


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