Aigua Blava Hotel

Aigua Blava Hotel

If you are superficial for a shelter of peacefulness and calmness in one of the most impressive settings anywhere on the Nation coastline, then await no added than the renowned Aigua Blava Hotel.

Why Go To The Aigua Blava

Opened in 1929 with right cardinal apartment, it has gradually grown to 18 suites and 70 image apartment, all of them contrasting to apiece remaining. You can loosen over the galore terraces, or bask sport, horizontal, yachting and beaches. It is also considered a 'optimal kept concealed' by some Brits families who ready really tiptoe nigh the fact that they issue gathering after assemblage, sometimes for over 20 period, and e'er in the selfsame room, in framing it becomes mobbed!!

It's that good of hotel. The staff is also tune of the hotel lineage. These are not temporary employees who uprise and go - for most of them this has been the only job they e'er had. They attention around their guests, in a way that most hotels can never desire to reach.

The Aigua Blava is a way of being, some author than retributive a hotel. A attractive individual people with privy render, overlooking the sea, including breakfast buffet and four-course party give cost upright � 87 per somebody per nighttime, in May. That is marvelous reckon for money. In constituent, if you are a player, the hotel has 20-30% reductions on the site fees of all courses.
Where is It

Aigua Blava is on the northland westmost mediterranean coast, or the northeastward easternmost shore of Espana, not far from Port, and fair statesman of the beaches of the Bone Brava, but it is a diametric humanity from the holidaymaker traps initiate only a few miles inaccurate.

Aigua Blava is the folk surrendered to the lesser but stunningly picturesque debase of coastline around an inlet between two rocky, pine-covered headlands Literally translated from the District as Dark Humour, it encompasses triplet beaches connected by a touring.


The Hotel Aigua Blava is around 40 transactions from Gerona field and 90 minutes from Port airdrome. It is undemanding to cover from the UK, and we did it in a day, so you person a car for exploring.

The Hotel has 70 somebody flat, 6 suites and 11 inferior suites, all with air-conditioning, vaporization, room with ablution, nonpublic balcony, orbiter TV, hairdryer, telecom and innocuous, supported either in the important antiquity or in annexes.


The edifice is the localise for arts dining, wonderful content, and striking views, it is prototypical conference with superior Romance and multinational cuisine. Half inhabit is included and represents excellent regard. A snug and friendly bar offers a emotional status for aperitifs.

The levels of pair and the quality of the Gastronomic Building, unitedly with an expansive wine level outclasses umpteen 5 player hotels in different regions of Espana.


The Aigua Blava is much than honourable a hotel, it is a aid. In June and September half table is offered as a receiver body, whilst in July and Grand, a unparalleled brimming enter collection is offered.

In the summer one can employ boats from the hold below the Hotel via acquiring, to explore the coastline.

Livelihood let a private water country with bar, sport assembly, parking, open cookery country, aid and beauty salons and effectual money dynamical facilities. Bar and area bar, 2 restaurants, plateau sport, assemblage accommodation 7 am - 11pm.


All extent courses are between a 15 - 40 careful aim making Hotel Aigua Blava the perfect area to detain during your Catalonian Sport Journey. The excellent sport courses of Pals and Emporda are both around 15 proceedings driving instant, piece Girona, PGA Catalunya and Golf d�Aro are also within relaxed arrive.

The hotel is shut from earlyish November until end of Feb

What to See & Where To Go

The closest gargantuan cities are Girona and Figueres, and the roads are unspoiled and in the important uncluttered

The metropolis of Figueres is the rootage of the 20th century surrealist maestro Salvador Painter, and the Painter museum here is the endorse most visited museum in Espana. Inaugurated by Painter himself, it is sacred to his supernatural and wonderful make and give not die to pleasure, disruption and teaser.

Added southerly, the splendid walled city of Girona hosts a wares of ancient monuments within its old townspeople. Advance afield, beyond Barcelona, is Island, a uppercase mountain of queer candy formations shaped by centuries of delirious brave and with one of Catalonia's most distinguished shrines, the Monastic Monastery, perked on one back. Though nonclassical with tourists and pilgrims, the Monastery is console occupied by monks and is a fascinating locate. If heights don't unsettle you, the approaching by video car is the most hammy.

You testament enjoy a impose to the village of Cadaques, which has conventional colorless houses, constricting cobbled lanes and arty boutiques. It was made famous by Dali, who active walking by, and it was a well-known pursue of artists.

The pleasing coastal villages of Llafranc and Tamariu are fold by and good worth a trip.


With clients upcoming place to the hotel year after period, advance work is staple at the Aigua Blava, because now you jazz pioneer it, you staleness try it and key why it is one of the good kept secrets in Aggregation


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