A.R.Murugadoss with Suriya

Performer Suriya who is now playacting in A.R.Murugadoss' 7am Arivu oppositeness Shruti Hassan, was spotted at Pallavaram, shooting for the movie's finish surround. The second situation has breather action stunts and hot stunt authority Peter Hein who has done stunt choreography for various films equivalent Ghajini, Shivaji, Endhiran etc. was seen leading the stunts. suriya-7am-arivu

Suriya was seen one handedly bashing up a assemble of goons as photographer Ravi.K.Chandran and director Murugadoss captured it. This race is to go on for pentad many days at the emplacement. With Saint Hein doing the stunt saltation looks suchlike 7am Arivu will somebody an mechanism packed instant!


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