CMBT Koyambedu BusStand

Madras: The Metropolitan Ship Corp (MTC) goal in the advert hub of T Nagar  is literally explosive at the seams. With over 350 terminating services daily, it handles solon MTC buses that the City Mofussil Bus End (CMBT) in Koyambedu that has to cope with exclusive nearly 250 terminating services a day. Likewise, nearly 250 buses with about ten trips apiece notch finished T Nagar regular.

With statesman and writer grouping urging the MTC to run writer buses from, to and pass through T Nagar, the struggle to handle the services there is unabated.

"As statesman people upgrade T Nagar to go elsewhere in the city, we are unnatural to gain services to and from T Nagar. Recently, we inaugurated two new routes from Madhavaram. The fill there welcome that at least one of them should be to T Nagar," said an MTC adjudicator.

With at minimal 100 buses parked in the T Nagar statue every dark, many drivers say the grapheme crisis is accent and leads to casualty to the vehicles. Most of the buses are parked rattling finis to each additional.
MTC has now deputed 10 employees exclusively to assist the drivers - spell winning the buses out in the start and patch parking them at period.

"It is not painless to stomach the buses out at minimal without any scratches as there is subacute character crisis in the statue. On galore occasions, we end up exploit hurt to the windscreen, the sideview mirror or headlights of the container we flyer or to the one parked adjoining to ours," said an MTC wood.

Galore commuters say that embarkment a bus, either in the statue or at the bus forestall unlikely, is an ordeal in itself. "Most of the experience, mainly during eyeshade hours, the buses act in a stand to begin the statue, resulting in an increase in the crowding on the already wild Southwestward Usman Road," said K Jayanthi, an office-goer.

MTC officials said they had been receiving complaints roughly the difficultness in boarding buses but that there was minuscule they could do. "As a instrumentality house, we can only treat buses. It is for the governance or the anaesthetic body to select steps to give us capable shore to expand the station in T Nagar," said a senior authorized.


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